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Around the World in 12 Months Treatment Tour

12 unique and indulgent experiences themed around the globe

We invite you to join us on a revolutionary, salon experience as we take you to different locations around the globe to enjoy 12 unique and indulgent experiences that simulate the destinations you'll be visiting. 


Planning Your Trip

Each month we'll treat you to a new location and a new experience. We'll reveal the next destination towards the end of the month so you can plan your trip. You'll also be able to view your journey on the world map that you'll find in salon as your avatar circumnavigates the globe so you can track your progress.


We encourage you to join us every step of the way as a commitment to self care and to enjoy everything this metaphorical journey has to offer. However, if you would rather dip in to the journey now and again that's perfectly ok too. 


Stay the course and complete all 12 destinations and you will receive a very exclusive Global Jetsetter 80 minute experience completely FREE (redeemable at the end of your journey). 


Book monthly travel (single experience) HERE

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