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Hollywood Colour Blend


What is the Hollywood Colour Blend?

Bloom are the only salon in Milton Keynes to now offer this luxury, bespoke colour service. This advanced colouring technique brings a multi-dimensional and multi-tonal colour blend from root to tip using techniques learnt from colourist Catherine Boden. We advise you to allow plenty of time for us to work our magic which is why we will make your experience enjoyable and relaxing, providing you with refreshments and a light lunch


What are the benefits of the Hollywood Colour Blend?

This technique gives you a beautiful, natural highlighted effect whereby the results can last up to 6 months! We take natural skin tones into consideration to complement the right tones to suit you and the placement of every highlight is planned meticulously to enhance and frame your features. 


Who is suitable for the Hollywood Colour Blend?

This technique works best on hair that has no previous build-up of dye on the hair, especially dark colours. We use a lightener for the first stage of this technique so if dark dyes are present on the hair we cannot guarantee the required level of lift or even blend. The result would potentially leave much warmer tones than the cooler, ash tone you may desire. Maybe you have highlights already in the hair but want to create a much more natural, blended effect. If so, then this technique would be great for you. If you have any natural white hair and need roots touching up then this technique would still work for you, we would do roots as frequently as you needed but the overall technique would only need to be done twice a year.


How is the Hollywood Colour Blend done?

This technique requires lightening the hair during the first stage. We use a backcombing method when carrying this stage out to ensure a soft blend. This will not cause any damage as when we rinse the lightener from the hair we take every care to remove the backcombing and then we use a Tigi SOS Extreme Recovery treatment which will maintain the condition and integrity of the hair. We then apply a blend of different tones to the hair which will complement your skin tone and give the perfect multi-dimensional and multi-tonal finish. We then rinse and shampoo the hair with Tigi Copyright shampoo and apply the Tigi Copyright Booster & Base treatment, tailor made to give shine, smoothness and moisture to the hair. Finishing off with a beautiful, bouncy blow-dry. We recommend using Tigi Copyright shampoo, conditioner and styling products to prolong and maintain the effects of this colour.



  • Avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after your colour service, this ensures your colour will be ‘locked’ in
  • Avoid the use of hot tools like straighteners and curling tongs for at least 48 hours as these can pull colour out of the hair
  • Avoid using shampoos and conditioners which contain ‘sulphates’. Sulphates are an agent which helps a product to lather up. ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulphate’ (SLS) and ‘Sodium Laureth Sulphate’ (SLES) are widely used in cheaper shampoos and conditioners. These sulphates strip colour out of the hair, so if you notice your hair colour fades quickly then this will be one of the reasons why. They also remove natural oils from the scalp so if you notice your scalp is dry then this could be why. We recommend Tigi Copyright shampoos and conditioners as part of your home care routine. They are all ‘sulphate’ free so your colour is preserved and Tigi’s Colour Care Complex blend of Coconut Oil, Lipids and Keratin ensure the hair is healthy and shiny
  • Ensure you always use a heat protector when drying and styling your hair as heat will cause colour to fade. We recommend Tigi Copyright Heat Protector Spray applied before blow-drying. This will ensure your hair is not only protected from heated appliances up to 230℃ but will also protect from UV and works like a leave-in conditioner too, de-tangling and nourishing the hair
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