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A Clean Salon is a Happy Salon....

Good Morning,

How are you doing as we move into another week of lockdown?

This week we impatiently await to hear any announcements about future plans to lift the lockdown meanwhile we have been considering what adjustments we may need to make to ensure that your salon visits remain safe and enjoyable.

We currently have no set guidance as to what may be required of us however it is highly likely that many procedures that may be expected of salons, we already enforce.

The British Beauty Council and the National Hair & Beauty Federation have been liaising with government to agree a set of protocols that will be required of salons to operate safely. You can rest assured that we will follow their recommendations when we find out what they are.

However, to put your mind at ease we plan to continue with our current high levels of hygiene and attention to cleanliness. As a salon we already sanitise, disinfect and sterilise our tools and equipment but further measures we will be bringing into place are; single use nail files, metal foot files, fresh tools for every client, hand washing facilities with a clean, disinfected nail brush available for each client including disposable towels for drying hands.

We may need to allow extra time between treatments so that we may thoroughly disinfect surfaces including door handles and card machine facilities, we will be cleaning our toilet facilities multiple times throughout the day also.

It is likely that we all may be required to wear masks and gloves so would urge you to supply your own as stock is extremely limited.

We are aware of the perspex screens that are being shared on social media to place on manicure tables however, until we are advised that these are mandatory we will not be purchasing them and here is why. The virus can be carried on dust particles, these dust particles will be attracted to the perspex and the perspex is unlikely to be able to protect you as the dust particles may be floating all around the environment. BUT, here's where we are more prepared.....

Last year the salon invested in the UK's leading ventilation and dust extraction system which helps to rid the working area of dust particles and smells. Any heavy dust that falls to the surfaces are less harmful, it is the microscopic airborne particles which we need to be more aware of and we are fortunate that the system we have can tackle this for a healthier atmosphere in our surroundings.

Please rest assured that we will do everything possible to keep the salon environment a safe place when we are informed that we can reopen. We will update you with any new measures when necessary.

For now though, we hope you are all staying safe and well and encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting salon news........more on this very soon!

Missing you all and salon life more than words can express.


Faye & Estelle x

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