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Electrolysis for the permanent removal of hair.

Electrolysis is making a comeback.


Electrolysis is a method of hair removal that is steadily on the rise again thanks to its reputation and effectiveness. As a very skilled technique it can be tricky to find an electrologist but if you find a good one hang on to them.


Electrolysis for hair removal dates back to the late 1800s and throughout the years the technology has improved and advanced. The process involves inserting a probe which is a similar diameter to the unwanted hair, into the hair follicle and using electrical current to destroy the follicle so that hair cannot be produced.


Previously, treatment was slow and often painful but with advancements in equipment and user techniques, treatment has become more comfortable and effective.


This method of hair removal is the only modality that is recognised by the medical profession as being permanent hair removal rather than other methods such as laser and ipl which are only classed as permanent hair reduction.


Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a quick, long term fix when it comes to treating hair. Hairs grow in cycles, stimulated by changing hormones. Often we have lots of follicles on our face and bodies that are dormant and don’t produce any hairs until a hormonal change such as hormonal imbalances, puberty, pregnancy and menopause stimulate these follicles to start producing hairs.


It's natural and extremely common to start growing hairs in areas that we don’t want them, particularly on the face but fortunately we can treat them with electrolysis.


A treatment plan of electrolysis, whilst effective can be time consuming and a financial investment but patience is key. The benefits of electrolysis are reduction in hair growth, change in hair texture, often accompanied with an improvement of skin condition with a long term goal of complete clearance in many cases.


Everyone’s treatment journey will be different as our hair growth patterns are individual to us. Someone who has only a few unwanted hairs may need shorter appointments, less frequently and may achieve complete clearance in only a few sessions. Whereas someone who has excessive hair growth with a hormonal imbalance is likely to need a lot more treatment and it’s likely to be ongoing in some cases.


Your electrologist should help you understand that treatment is a process which can often feel frustrating at times but by committing to regular treatments and following strict aftercare, your patience will pay off. The key to results is embracing the journey and having realistic expectations. Remember that hair grows in cycles and just when you think you’ve finished treatment you could be faced with an influx of new growth. At this point it’s important to not give up and continue the process.

Chin with coarse white hairs before electrolysis treatment and hair free chin after completing a course of electrolysis
Before and after electrolysis

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