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Grey hair, don't care!

Are you considering growing out your grey hair?

Here’s our tips on how to transition!

The most important consideration to make, when growing out your grey’s is to be prepared for the length of time the transition can take. The shorter your hair, the quicker the transition will be. However, if your hair is longer, then you need to be realistic with the timeframe. It could take up to 18 months to get it to where you want it.

The easiest way to do it initially would be having a lighter shade applied, either with highlights or a balayage technique. Our interpretation of this transitional colour technique is known as ‘Colour Blending’.

Balayage is a technique used to create a more graduated, highlighted effect which gives a more natural finish.

These techniques would help to disguise the demarcation line (this is the line where your grey hair meets the colour), therefore looking much more natural.

Another option would be to cut your hair. Although many might not be keen to go for the chop, this is a good way of removing a good bit of the residual colour on the ends. If cutting the hair or colour blending is not an option, then other alternatives you could try would be temporary colours. These only last 1 wash and come in varying forms of mousses, powders, liquids, creams, sprays and mascaras. These are great if you don’t want the commitment and cost of colour blending transition. Bloom’s recommended product is ColorWow’s Root Touch Up. It is a mineral based powder which comes in a handy compact with a mirror and blending brush, and has a wide range of colours to choose from.

One thing to consider is that grey hair tends to be more wiry and dry looking, due to its courser texture. This can then overall make the hair look dry and feel dehydrated. Our recommendation to you would be to discuss this with your stylist, who should recommend products which are more hydrating and smoothing. Our favourites are Tigi Copyrights Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner and Tigi Copyright Colour Lustre Oil.

Consider asking your stylist to show you the best way to blow-dry and style your hair smooth. Our final tip to share with you is how to prevent your grey hair from going dull and brassy. We recommend Tigi Copyright Toning Shampoo which neutralises any brassy, yellow tones in the hair and ColorWow’s Dream Filter Spray, which removes minerals and metals in the hair, which gives hair a dull appearance.

We hope this has been informative and will help with your decision to transition!

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