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How to achieve a flawless makeup finish.

Have you ever spent time getting ready, applied your makeup and later caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wondered why your makeup looks completely different to when you first applied it?

Perhaps you wonder why your makeup seems to have disappeared throughout the day or, why your makeup never looks as flawless as the celebrities you see on TV and in magazines?

Believe it or not, there are actually many reasons why you might not be achieving the finish you want.

Firstly, great, long lasting makeup starts with skin prep. Makeup needs to be applied to clean skin so if you roll out of bed and immediately start applying your foundation, you’ve missed one of the most important steps. Even if you washed your face before bed and think your skin isn’t dirty in the morning, you’re wrong. During sleep, we sweat, we shed skin cells and our skin secretes oil. Applying makeup over this grime won’t last long. WASH YOUR FACE.

Our skin also needs to be hydrated. A hydrated skin will look brighter, plumper, more radiant and won’t try to drink up all the moisture in your cosmetics. Applying makeup to dry, dehydrated skins will make the result look dull, lacklustre, cakey and can accentuate flaky skin. MOISTURISE YOUR FACE.

Even on the most perfect of skins (these rarely exist), makeup needs a helping hand to remain intact all day. Just like painting furniture, we apply a primer first before the finishing layer. This creates a base for the makeup to sit on and acts like double sided sticky tape, allowing makeup to adhere longer to the skin. APPLY A PRIMER.

The makeup speaks for itself. Lots of us love to mix brands and will have our favourite products but look for ones that are good quality and suit your skin type. A powder is less suited to a dry skin as it can make it appear drier but gives an oily skin a mattifying effect. Dry skins need moisture, so choose products which help to hydrate and illuminate to brighten. Often, quality comes from high end brands and higher price tags however it is possible to find some absolute ‘gems’ at bargain prices and these will often become a staple product in your makeup bag. CONSIDER YOUR SKIN TYPE.

We all know what hairspray is for but many of us wouldn’t think to use something like this for our makeup but, setting sprays and powders can be the perfect finishing touch to long lasting makeup. However, don’t be fooled into thinking makeup should never need a touch up. Depending on our skin type, conditions, environment, what we’re doing, quality of our makeup, our makeup is not a permanent mask and of course may need a little touch up, replenish or mattifying throughout the day. A few key products in your handbag can help you continue looking your best all day. SET AND TOUCH UP.

Finally, ditch the baby wipes and micellar water. These will not effectively remove make up and are not good for your skin. Instead choose a face wash suitable for your skin type to remove all traces of make up (we recommend to always cleanse twice). BIN THE WIPES.

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