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How to care for hair after sun exposure

During the Spring and Summer months, temperatures rise and so do the UV levels. We all know this has an impact on how we protect our skin, whether we are at home in the UK or when we go abroad. But how many of us consider our hair at the same time?

Too much exposure to direct sunlight on the hair not only damages the cuticle, it also breaks down hairs natural protein structure - Keratin. When this gets damaged, heat and the sun can penetrate much quicker and this results in damaged, dull and brittle hair.

When your hair is exposed to UVA and UVB rays from the sun it oxidises the melanin (pigment) in your hair, this can cause colour fade, hair lightening and makes hair appear dull.

The best cure is prevention but let’s talk about how we rescue hair after too much sun exposure.

If your hair is feeling or looking damaged, dull or brittle from sun exposure then the first thing to consider is your shampoo and conditioner. Many store bought shampoos and conditioners contain sulphates which can have a drying effect on the hair and scalp.

We recommend Keune Tinta Color Shampoo and Conditioner. These are sulphate and paraben free and also contain UV protection.

We also recommend using a weekly conditioning mask to replace the moisture lost from the sun exposure. The length of time to continue the use of masks will vary depending on the level of damage to the hair. Our recommendation is Keune Vital Nutrition Mask. Apply this to shampooed, towel dried hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Most will see a noticeable difference on the first use. Continue this weekly until hair feels more hydrated, smoother and shinier.

If your hair is feeling lackluster and dull then using an oil can help to improve the shine and texture of the hair. We recommend using Keune Satin Oil Treatment. This versatile product can be mixed in with your mask treatment and rinsed out or apply a few drops through dry hair and leave in. Hair will feel more healthy and shiny.

Having an in-salon deep conditioning treatment regularly will also help to improve the elasticity, texture and manageability of your hair, whilst also enjoying some pamper time for yourself.

Our final words of advice

Try not to over wash your hair. Washing everyday strips hair of its natural oils but stimulates the production of your oil glands so your hair can end up becoming greasy more quickly.

When going out into the sun try to wear a hat where you can as this will give great protection.

If you want a DIY home treatment then why not try mixing together 1 egg white, 3 tbsp of natural yoghurt and 3 tbsp of mayonnaise. Apply and leave for up to half hour then rinse thoroughly. The eggs are packed with protein, helping to nourish hair.

For access to any of the above mentioned products, visit us in salon or contact us online –

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