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How to deal with frizzy hair

Let’s Talk Hair Smoothing Treatment

What is a NanoKeratin Smoothing Treatment?

A 6 step process which re-texturizes the hair leaving it smooth, glossy and more easily manageable for 3-4 months, without the use of harsh chemicals. We also offer an Express Smooth Treatment which only lasts for around 30 days but it’s a good introduction to the treatment. There are also 2 results to choose from. If you want smoother hair texture but not necessarily straight we would do a Soft Smoothing Treatment. If you want the hair texture smooth but also much straighter then we would do a Complete Smoothing Treatment.

What are the benefits of having a Smoothing treatment?

• Hair is smoother

• Glossier

• Provides a humidity guard

• More easily manageable

• Quicker to blow-dry and style

Who is suitable for a Luxury or Express Smooth treatment?

This treatment is suitable for anyone with frizzy, fluffy, curly or very curly hair who wants to tame or straighten their hair. If your hair is difficult to manage or affected by humidity then this is the treatment for you.

We don’t recommend this treatment for anyone who has white hair, very light blonde or platinum hair as there is an ingredient in the product which can cause discolouration. Even though this is temporary we wouldn’t advise it.

If your hair is quite badly damaged we wouldn’t advise this treatment straight away. We would recommend a course of in-salon treatments and home care products to improve the condition first, otherwise the Smoothing treatment would be in-effective.

How is it done?

A skin sensitivity test must be done 48hrs before the service to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction.

The Luxury Smooth Treatment involves a 6 step process:

1. The hair is shampooed 2/3 times to ensure hair is thoroughly clean and prepared for next step. The hair is rough dried and sectioned ready for product application

2. The Smoothing treatment is applied to the hair and left to develop for the correct amount of time according to the hair type and desired outcome. Your hair will be combed through every 10 minutes that the product is left on for

3. The hair is then rinsed and blow-dried

4. We then Press Iron your hair with Straighteners

5. The hair is then re-shampooed with a specific NanoKeratin Shampoo for your hair type and a NanoKeratin Conditioning Mask is applied and left for 5-7 minutes and then rinsed

6. We then apply NanoKeratin Reinvent Insulator which is an anti-humidity, leave-in conditioner and we blow-dry this into the hair. If you required more of a bouncy blow-dry during this stage then this would be an add-on to the service

This treatment will last for approximately 3-4 months.

The Express Smooth Treatment involves a much quicker 4 step process:

1. Hair is shampooed 2/3 times

2. The Smoothing Treatment is applied mixed into the specific Conditioning Mask and left for 10-20 minutes

3. The hair is rinsed

4. NanoKeratin Reinvent Insulator is then applied to the hair, blow-dried in and the hair is then Press Ironed with Straighteners

This treatment will last for approximately 30 days.

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