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How to treat thinning hair and hair loss

It is completely normal to lose hair and we shed up to 100 hairs a day. But when hair loss becomes excessive we recommend to consult your GP or a Trichologist.

Some causes of hair loss are permanent such as male and female pattern baldness and usually run in the family. Other causes of hair loss may be temporary and these can be caused by;

• Illness

• Stress

• Cancer treatment

• Weight loss

• Iron deficiency

Most cases of thinning hair and hair loss do not require treatment as it is temporary and will grow back but it can also be attributed to getting older. If the hair loss is due to a medical condition then this usually resolves itself once you have fully recovered.

There are things you can try to help with the effects of thinning hair to reduce the possibility of the hair thinning further or resulting in hair loss.

Our top tips start with working on the inside first. We recommend ‘Million Dollar Facial’s NEW Top to Toe Tonic’. This is a multivitamin drink packed with 147 nutrients to help our health and wellbeing. This tonic has so many key benefits but is especially good for hair, skin and nail health.

The hair products you choose to use can have a big impact. We recommend Keune scalp products to rejuvenate thinning hair and stimulate hair growth.

The range consists of the Derma Activate shampoo which is best suited to those with a sensitive scalp and fine, thinning hair. Then follow that with the Derma Activate Leave-in Thickening Spray which thickens and adds body to the hair due to the wheat proteins and provitamin B5.

In addition we recommend Keune Derma Activate Lotion which stimulates the hair’s metabolism, giving hair more body and boosting the scalp’s natural function.

If an in-salon treatment is something you’re looking for then we recommend a micro needling treatment for the scalp. This service can offer great results where hair follicles may be blocked or dormant. In cases where the hair has thinned due to many of the aforementioned causes, then micro needling over a period of time can offer incredible results. During the treatment a nourishing serum is applied to the scalp before a derma roller or skin pen (needles) are passed over the areas of hair loss. These tools produce superficial puncture wounds in the skin in order to stimulate the skin’s healing response. In exactly the same process as a cut heals, so the body will work to heal any superficial wounds by stimulating elastin and collagen. Furthermore by increasing the blood circulation to the area and stimulating growth factors in the area this can result in new hair growth over time.

A course of these treatments will always be recommended to achieve desired outcome, following aftercare and using the recommended products would be paramount to work towards achieving hair growth. However, results cannot be guaranteed but in most cases an improvement will be seen.

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