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Laser Hair Removal - How it works

Ever longed for smooth, hair free skin and no more waxing appointments?

There is an answer. Laser hair removal is an increasingly popular choice to remove unwanted hair permanently. But is it too good to be true?

Firstly, let us explain how laser hair removal works. Lasers pulse light across the skin to target the pigment of the hair. When the light sees the pigment, the energy from the light is converted into heat and it is this heat that permanently damages the hair follicles and germinative hair cells so that the hair can no longer grow.

Sounds simple but you’ll need more than one treatment and here’s why.

Hairs have a growth cycle and it’s only hairs that are actively growing and connected to a blood supply that can be successfully treated with laser.

But is it really permanently? Once a hair follicle is treated with the hair in its active phase, that follicle is completely destroyed and cannot produce another hair. But, our bodies are covered in thousands of hair follicles and new hair may grow from follicles that have been dormant (not producing hairs). Usually, a change in hormones will initiate new hair growth. Fluctuation in hormones may be caused by many factors such as stress, medication, health conditions such as poly cystic ovarian syndrome or menopause. New hair growth may be treated with further sessions of laser hair removal (we call this future top ups).

Overall, laser hair removal is classed as permanent hair reduction because removal of 100% of hair cannot be guaranteed and new growth due to hormonal changes can occur. However, most people who have laser hair removal treatment will say it’s the best decision they ever made and they wish they had done it sooner. Many of whom will never have to wax or shave again. Anyone who suffers from a lot of hair growth due to PCOS will notice a significant reduction in hair which helps to reduce how often they have to shave and significantly improves their confidence.

A word of warning. There are many lasers marketed for home use that cost up to a few hundred pounds in comparison to clinical lasers which cost tens of thousands of pounds. The difference? The quality and strength of the equipment.

Whilst home users may notice some reduction in hair growth the results will likely not last long. The weak laser will only put the hairs to sleep at best but hair growth will continue.

We recommend visiting a salon or clinic who specialise in laser hair removal. A full consultation and patch test will need to be carried out to ensure suitability of the treatment. A treatment plan will then be devised to help you achieve the best results.

Whilst laser hair removal may initially seem expensive, it can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds over your lifetime in waxing appointments and shaving products.

Laser hair removal is an investment but the benefits of no more waxing, shaving, plucking, ingrown hairs, skin irritation, cuts and rashes and the benefits of smoother, long term, hair free skin are totally worth it.

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