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Olaplex and other bond builders

What is a bond builder?

Bond builders are designed to mend broken bonds in the hair. They work by adding polymers (a natural or synthetic substance) and proteins identical to those found naturally in the hair, either during a chemical processing service or stand alone treatment.

If you think of a ladder and that ladder is within one single hair strand, the steps of the ladder are the bonds in the hair. These give the hair its structure, elasticity and strength. These bonds can become damaged and broken from chemical processes such as colouring, perming, relaxers and also using heated appliances. This in turn will make our hair brittle, damaged and ultimately lead to breakage.

There are lots of brands now supplying professional bond builders to salons but we are focusing on the Bond Fusion bond treatment by Keune.

The Bond Fusion process

There are 3 steps to the Bond Fusion process. Step 1 is Build. The first phase is simply added to the formula, whether it be for colour, perming or relaxing. Phase 1 starts to repair the broken bonds during this processing stage and will even create new bonds, giving the hair the strength it needs during the process.

Step 2 is Enhance. At the shampoo basin the hair is rinsed free of the previous chemical treatment and shampooed. The Phase 2 Bond Enhancer is then applied to the hair. This is a nourishing and restorative treatment which takes care of the newly reformed bonds. It seals the strands to ensure longer-lasting conditioning, all while strengthening the hair. It’s left on for 5 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly.

Step 3 is Recharge. Home-care is just as important as treatments performed in the salon, if not more so. Phase 3 Recharge is used at home and will prolong the effects of the Bond Fusion treatment, giving you longer lasting colour, shine and strength between salon visits. This phase is to be applied to towel dried hair before shampooing, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse, shampoo and condition as normal.

By using a bond builder in your hair care routine you will definitely notice less breakage and longer lasting colour results. This in turn will lead to healthier, nourished hair and will be much easier for you to style at home.

This bond treatment doesn’t just have to be used in a chemical process, it can also be used as a stand alone treatment performed in the salon. Applied at the basin with the addition of a relaxing scalp massage, not only will your hair benefit from the effects of the bond treatment but you will enjoy some you time and relax in the process.

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