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Our Love Letter to You

Dear Client,

These past 6 weeks have been a time of great reflection. A time to consider our future and our dreams. A time to address our ambition and our goals and the kind of service we want to deliver.

Therefore we are making some changes to reflect the direction that we wish to take the business.

Our current prices and price increase were naively created through the lens of a previous home salon owner and mobile hairdresser who had very little overheads and a misconception of the value of their skills, specialist knowledge, experience and expertise. We considered introducing a VIP scheme where the top salon clients would be rewarded with extra goodies and exclusive events. However, we are so fortunate to have a client base that has grown organically and in such a personal way, that each and every one of you have become a part of a welcoming and inclusive space, the salon fabric and brand that we see today.

We have come to know you all on a more personal level and likewise you with us. As a business with family values we appreciate the clients who are part of it so much that we want everyone to enjoy the VIP experience that we would like to deliver to you. - It sits comfortably with our salon ethos 'Luxury as Standard'.

Yet to be able to deliver you the salon vision that we have, we have had to get realistic. Our commercial overheads are astronomical compared to our previous working environments and for all the years that we have been self employed, since 2013, neither of us have paid ourselves a living wage (this would not have been possible without the support both financially and mentally, from our partners and families). Instead, all that we have earned has been reinvested into training, quality products, equipment and most recently the salon.

In order for us to move forward and build upon our dreams we must now pay ourselves a wage that we both deserve whilst being able to bring our dream salon to life. Therefore, we have had to increase our prices and these changes will take effect immediately. (The website is in the process of being updated with new prices, we will let you know when it is complete and the February 2020 edition of the Treatment Menu is now void).

Without you, dear client, there would be no salon and with the sincerest of hearts we thank you for understanding and acknowledging that every business decision we take and every change or merge we make, we do so with the most passion, integrity and you at the forefront of our minds. With love from the bottom of our hearts, Estelle & Faye x

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