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Ready or not, here I come!

Welcome to another week in lockdown. How are you finding it? Have you got settled into a routine or are you enjoying the freedom from time constraints?

Most of us spend so much time on social media and it's so addictive to keep scrolling, reading post after post but do you stop to consider if the content you're consuming is positive, factual or makes you feel good?

At Bloom, we try to keep our content fun and engaging, a mix of before and afters, advice, achievements and posts to encourage you to interact with us. We see you in the salon and we chat to you about lots of things and so we want to keep that communication going. We're interested to know what you have been doing and how you have filled your time, whether you have found lockdown a challenge or a relief. We'll try to post things to lighten the mood and allow you to have a laugh.

SO......if you don't know where to find us then simply click on the following links;

Much love,

Faye & Estelle x

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