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Some advice and tips for your hair during lockdown​

Roots getting you down??

We all know these are very trying times. Who would have thought a couple of weeks ago we would all be on lockdown in our homes? More importantly I can hear you all saying “What am I going to do about my roots??”

Some of you may have already seen my social media post on home box dye last week. If you can try to avoid home box dyes then please do so! Some of you may have seen ‘The One Show’ last week where a celebrity hairdresser was recommending using home dyes and that they are exactly the same as professional dyes. This is not the case at all. Firstly if you were going to use one they recommend a skin test. As you all know, I always skin test my clients to minimise the risk of a reaction. Would you do the same with a home dye?

When I select the colour to apply to your roots there are a few things I have to take into consideration, natural depth and tone, percentage of white and texture of the hair. All of these will dictate what target shade I use, peroxide strength and development times. There is more to hair colour than just “slapping it on”. There must be precision to ensure no overlapping thus leading to build-up. This is hard when trying to apply yourself.

In the meantime you could use a temporary root cover up. I use Color Wow Root Cover Up. It comes in 8 different shades, in a really stylish compact with a brush and it’s only £28.50! Once applied it remains in your hair until you next wash it. It also applies really easily unlike the mess from sprays. Not just for hiding greys, it also disguises dark roots if you are highlighted and makes hair look thicker by filling in gaps and thin hairlines. Message us if you want one!

Hair feeling dry or dull?

If like me you feel all out of sorts and struggling to maintain a routine you may be noticing that your hair is being neglected. Mine is feeling dull and a bit dry. This is a good time to leave the heated appliances alone and give your hair a break. There are a few things you can do to also help in maintaining a good condition:

1. Hydration! Drink plenty of water! It’s a Fact that drinking lots of water does help hair growth. Did you know that not drinking enough can actually result in dry and brittle hair?

Top Tip!! Give your hair a shot of cold air with your hairdryer after drying. This closes down the cuticle, which makes hair smooth and shiny!

2. Conditioning Boosters - Tigi’s Boosters (Repair, Smooth or Shine) can be mixed into your conditioner.When applied leave in for 3-5 mins. Gives your hair a boost of moisture, tames frizz, shine and even helps to prevent future heat damage. Tigi Copyright Custom Care Boosters - £16

Top Tip!!

Only use warm water when washing your hair. If it’s too hot then this can cause the scalp to become dehydrated. Use cold water at the end to close the cuticles, this helps the hair to shine and seal in moisture

3. Shampoo & Conditioner - Tigi’s Copyright Shampoo & Conditioners with an expert blend of Keratin, Lipids & Coconut Oil will help to strengthen, repair, nourish, smooth and shine. Tigi Copyright Custom Care Shampoo & Conditioner - £18 each

Top Tip!!

When towel drying your hair try not to be too vigorous. This can cause tangling and damage to the cuticle. Just blot dry.

If you have any other questions in relation to your hair and scalp or you would like to purchase any of our products then you can reply to this email or contact us via

love, Estelle x

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