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We thought we would take a leaf out of Boris' book with our subject line. Did it confuse you? Of course it did! We've all been unsure of what the guidelines meant throughout this pandemic so we thought we had better clarify our position on the lifting of restrictions on Monday 19th July.

As with each change to the rules, the governing bodies of the hair and beauty industry have lobbied the government to give clearer guidance on what the rules mean for us. Our industry has been overlooked and perhaps treated unfairly at times as many of us salon owners pride ourselves on running a 'clean and tidy ship'. However, when asked to do so, we pulled together, we invested, we made our processes more transparent and we took more measures than were necessary to prove how safe an industry we are and to make sure our clients felt safe in our environment.

Once again our sector has been lumped in with other unrelated industries to give a broad interpretation of the lifting of restrictions. Whilst our governing bodies seek clearer guidance from the government and come together to agree on an accepted statement of 'best practice', we have taken the decision to adhere to the following salon rules until further notice;

  • We will continue to wear the facemasks for close contact services such as treatments which cause us to be face to face (less than 1m apart).

  • Whilst we cannot enforce clients to wear face masks, we do encourage it. However, we respect your decision to choose and kindly ask you to respect the decision of others.

  • We will not increase the capacity of the salon - this will not impact any services as we are only a small team.

  • We politely ask you to not bring other people with you to your appointments so that we can reduce footfall within the salon and reduce contact with others.

  • We will continue to follow decontamination procedures and provide hand sanitizer at various points around the salon.

  • We will continue to provide ventilation to the salon as much as we are able.

  • We will continue to ask you to complete consultation forms prior to every service/visit (this is mandatory standard practice in our industry) and we will continue to ask Covid screening questions.

  • Track and Trace QR codes will still be available if you wish to use them.

It is difficult to make decisions that will affect everyone and we are mindful that some of you will want to continue to wear a mask and others will be more keen to see all measures eradicated however we believe it is important to represent the hair and beauty industry well whilst maintaining the safety of everyone in the salon as far as we are able.

We will continue to monitor and update our salon risk assessment as necessary and will adhere to any industry standards that may arise. As a business we want to avoid any need to close the salon because of Covid but we must also be prepared for any future restrictions that we may face as we learn to live with the virus.

We hope that our environment, our customer service, the treatments we offer and our 'family business' nature can bring some joy and relaxation to you as we all navigate this new 'normal'.

Please reach out to us if you have any concerns about visiting the salon. We will always try our best to accommodate your needs.

Love & Respect

Faye & Estelle

Bloom Beauty, Hair & Education

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