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Racoon Luxe Links Extensions 


What are Racoon Luxe Links Extensions?

Bloom are one of the few salons in Milton Keynes that offer Luxe Link Hair Extensions. They give instant volume, length, colour and style. They are a Trichology approved system which are quick and easy to apply and more importantly very safe.

What are the benefits of having Luxe Links?

Maybe you want to grow your hair but don’t want to wait? Maybe you have an event to go to and want the latest red-carpet look, or you might just fancy having longer, more voluminous hair. If you’ve answered yes to any of these then Luxe Links are for you. They are quick to apply and a full head can be done in as little as 90 minutes and removal in 30 minutes. Exclusive to Racoon, they are the smallest link on the market and are very discreet in the hair, so hair can even be worn up. Even though the links can’t be re-used the hair can be and can be instantly re-fitted to a new link and applied into the hair. They don’t use a glue or heat system, just a small micro link which is crimped to the hair, completely damage free. They can be worn safely for at least 6 months and up to one year with regular maintenance every 6-12 weeks.

Who are Luxe Links suitable for?

Luxe Links are safe for everyone. The only difference would be the thicker your hair the more we put in and the thinner the hair the less that are put in. Even if your hair is oily these would be suitable.


How is it done?
The procedure involves a thorough consultation and analysis of your hair prior to the extension appointment. The correct length, desired colour and amount of hair will be chosen, a deposit is taken and then the hair is ordered. We will then book in your extensions appointment.
On the day of your luxe link service we prep the hair by washing it with a detox shampoo to ensure the hair is thoroughly clean. The hair is then blow-dried and the  base of the hair is cut using a “shattering” technique to make sure it blends seamlessly within the extensions. Please be advised that this part is essential to the service and if not done then your natural hair will be very visible through the extensions.
The hair is then sectioned and the process of attaching the luxe links begins. Each Luxe Link is attached to tiny sections of hair by crimping the link to the hair safely and damage free. The process is completed until all Links have been attached and then the hair is heat styled either straight or curled depending on the look you want. Aftercare will be discussed and a First Wash appointment will be made where we invite you back into the salon for your first hair wash and we will go through washing and blow-drying techniques with you.


  • Always brush your hair before washing to avoid any tangling and matting

  • Separate your links by gently pulling them apart to ease out tangles

  • Apply Racoon-Xtend Luxurious shampoo to wet hair and ‘squeeze’ through from roots to ends, do not rub in as this will cause tangling. Use a downward zig-zag motion with your fingertips to massage the scalp instead

  • Ensure you rinse thoroughly and repeat the shampoo process if necessary. Then apply Racoon-Xtend Luxurious Conditioner using gentle strokes through the mid-lengths and ends, then rinse thoroughly

  • Comb through the hair from the mid-lengths to ends first working up to the roots using a Racoon Wide Tooth Comb. When you get to the roots place your free hand over the links to ensure there is no excessive tension being applied to them. Do not comb directly over the links

  • Use Racoon-Xtend Everyday Conditioner or Racoon-Xtend Thermal Defense sprays to protect your hair during drying and also protects from UV rays

  • Ensure your links are thoroughly dried with the hairdryer (without a nozzle) using a downward pointing motion, once the links and hair is almost dry (slightly damp) then the hair can be dried and styled with a brush as normal

  • When using heated appliances always spritz with Racoon-Xtend Thermal Defense and do not exceed the recommended temperature of 160℃

  • Avoid exposure to chlorine or chemicals in a swimming pool and salty sea water as this can have an adverse effect on the links, dry out the hair and discolour them. If you do swim then ensure your hair is tied up in a high bun or plait and kept out of the water

  • If your hair becomes dull or tacky to touch there may be a build-up of product. We recommend using Racoon-Xtend Detox shampoo to remove the build-up followed by a treat with Racoon-Xtend Conditioning Hair Mask

  • Always attend your maintenance and rotation appointments to ensure the links are kept in good condition

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