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Our foot health services in Milton Keynes, are designed as routine foot care to improve or maintain the comfort and functionality of your feet. An essential service for all, but specifically for athlete’s, runners, diabetics, people with poor mobility or difficulty reaching their feet and anyone who has health issues that require help with foot health as part of personal care.

Our Registered Foot Health Practitioner (FHP) will assess your feet to determine what treatment is required and recommend a personalised treatment plan. Treatment may include; nail trimming and debridement, corn removal, callus reduction, fungal nail treatment, verruca treatment, treatment for athlete’s foot and ingrown or involuted toenails.

Our initial foot health assessment includes time to get to know you and your foot concerns, carry out a full consultation and foot assessment. We will also set out a treatment plan and complete any treatment required. We ask that you give us an overview of your medical history including any prescribed medications to ensure that we recommend the most suitable treatment.

We stock a range of medicaments which our FHP can recommend to support your foot care at home.

Foot Health Assessment & Treatment

A full foot assessment to address any conditions or concerns of the feet or lower limbs. A treatment plan will be set out and necessary treatment performed which may include nail trimming, callus smoothing, corn enucleating, treatment of fungal conditions and application of paddings or dressings if required. Aftercare advice and frequency of visits will be recommended


Foot Health Treatment

Maintenance treatment for the feet. Nails will be trimmed and any other necessary treatment carried out, finished with an application of foot cream to restore the feet’s moisture levels


Onyfix Nail Correction

The Onyfix nail correction system is a versatile, innovative product for the pain-free treatment of pincer and ingrown nails.

The principle of the system is that after fixation of the nail correction system using a hardened composite, a pincer or ingrown nail will be shaped into a natural nail shape through normal growth in a tension and pain-free process. The hardened correction system ensures that the growing nail stays the same shape as it grows from the proximal end of the nail, with the result that over time the pincered or ingrown part of the nail is 'twisted out' of the nail folds. The system is in principle, however, completely flexible. 

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Toenail Reconstruction

We can create a bespoke, cosmetically reconstructed nail in order to hide broken or damaged toenails.

This will allow you to mask imperfections and show off your feet. Polish can be applied to finish off a pedicure service.

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