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Nail Services Aftercare


To maintain the best results from your nail service you should adhere to the following advice:

  • Apply cuticle oil twice a day. It should be applied to the skin surrounding the nails and to the tip of the finger underneath the free edge. This will keep the skin soft so you have nothing to pick and helps to avoid service breakdown.

  • Use hand cream to hydrate your skin but AVOID rubbing it in to the nails as these creams may contain ingredients that can cause the gel overlay to lift away from the natural nail.

  • Wear gloves when washing up to avoid exposing the nails to long periods of time in water.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to water as the natural nail will soften and may pull away from the gel overlay.

  • Wear gloves for any chores that involve using your hands. Nail services are designed to make the nails look pretty not to make them strong enough to be used as tools.

  • Do not bite or pick the nails or skin. This will cause damage to the natural nail. Nails that are damaged have poor adhesion to products and therefore you may find that future services do not last as they should.

  • Schedule your maintenance appointments for no longer apart than 3 weeks. Spreading your appointments too far apart will result in service breakdown leading to breakages and chipping.

Waxing Aftercare Advice


For 24 hours after waxing it is important to follow these guidelines:

DO NOT touch or scratch the waxed area.

Avoid swimming/chlorinated water.

Do not apply the following products to the area after waxing:

  • Tan

  • Body Butter

  • Moisturiser

  • Make-up

  • Deodorant

These guidelines ensure there is no risk of pathogens or product entering the follicle where the hair has been removed from, preventing folliculitis or infection.

You should also -

  • Avoid Hot showers/Baths

  • Avoid Sun beds/Sun Exposure

  • Avoid Sauna/Steam Room

  • Avoid Tight, Restrictive Clothing

  • Avoid excessive perspiration eg gym, running, exercise classes

For best results after waxing we recommend

  • Using Wax:One Care to prevent ingrown hairs (wait 48 hours after wax treatment)

  • Exfoliating 2-3 times per week

  • Using a moisturising product to keep skin hydrated and smooth

  • Return in 4-6 weeks to maintain the results

Tint Aftercare Advice


To maintain the best results from your tinting service we recommend adhering to the following advice:

  • Avoid the use of astringent cleansers, micellar water, facial wipes around the brow or lashes as this may fade the tint quicker.

  • Minimise sun exposure to prolong the results of the tint.

  • Avoid the use of tanning products over tinted brows as this may affect the colour of the brow.

  • We recommend using the HD Brows Tint Lock Serum to coat the brow hairs with a film which will prolong the results of the tint to reduce rapid fading.

  • Whilst we do everything we can to avoid it, it is normal to experience a little bit of staining on the skin immediately after treatment. We will do our best to remove any stain however it will fade within 24 hours as you wash your face.

  • Leave a minimum of 3-4 weeks before tinting the brows/lashes again.

HD BrowSculpt Aftercare Advice


To maintain the best results from your HD BrowSculpt service we recommend adhering to the following advice:

  • Avoid getting the brows wet for the first 24hrs after treatment. This allows the brow hairs to settle into their new position.

  • Avoid the use of astringent cleansers, micellar water, facial wipes around the brow.

  • Leave a minimum of 8 weeks before your next BrowSculpt service to avoid over processing the brow hairs. In between BrowSculpt appointments you may want to book a HD Brow appointment to keep the brows in shape and maintain the colour.

  • Avoid the use of tanning products over tinted brows as this may affect the colour of the brow.

  • It is essential to use the HD Brows Tint Lock Serum to nourish the brow hairs and prolong the results of the tint.

  • The brows will not remain in the same lifted position as they appear at the end of the service. You will need to style the brow by brushing them and if you want to achieve the strong brushed up brow look you may want to apply HD Brow Glue to set hairs in place all day.

Colouring Aftercare Advice


  • Avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after your colour service, this ensures your colour will be ‘locked’ in

  • Avoid the use of hot tools like straighteners and curling tongs for at least 48 hours as these can pull colour out of the hair

  • Avoid using shampoos and conditioners which contain ‘sulphates’. Sulphates are an agent which helps a product to lather up. ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulphate’ (SLS) and ‘Sodium Laureth Sulphate’ (SLES) are widely used in cheaper shampoos and conditioners. These sulphates strip colour out of the hair, so if you notice your hair colour fades quickly then this will be one of the reasons why. They also remove natural oils from the scalp so if you notice your scalp is dry then this could be why. We recommend Keune shampoos and conditioners as part of your home care routine. 

  • Ensure you always use a heat protector when drying and styling your hair as heat will cause colour to fade. We recommend Keune Heat Protector Spray applied before blow-drying. This will ensure your hair is not only protected from heated appliances up to 230c but will also protect from UV and works like a leave-in conditioner too, de-tangling and nourishing the hair.

Million Dollar Facial – Micro Needling Aftercare Advice


  • Apply an SPF 50 daily

  • Avoid swimming for 7 days

  • No excessive exercise for 24hrs

  • No exfoliation for 7 days after treatment

  • No other facial treatments for 2 weeks after

  • No heat treatments for 48 hours (this includes sauna/steam/sun/sunbeds)

  • No make up for 48 hrs

  • Avoid products such as Retinol/ Vit A Retinoids for 7 days before/7 days after

  • Skin may feel dry with some mild flaking around day 3-4

  • Stay well hydrated

  • Mild headaches may occur due to lymphatic drainage

NanoKeratin Smoothing Treatment Aftercare Advice

  • As part of your first full Luxury Smooth treatment a trio of NanoKeratin aftercare products will be included in the service. It includes a Shampoo, Conditioning Mask and Reinvent Insulator

  • For every hair wash you do at home shampoo your hair with the NanoKeratin Shampoo, towel dry and detangle with the NanoKeratin BeFri brush. Apply NanoKeratin Reinvent Insulator and blow-dry as desired using the BeFri brush or round brush

  • The Conditioning Mask only needs to be used every 3-4 washes. Shampoo the hair, apply the Mask leaving it on for 5-7 minutes then rinse. Detangle with the BeFri brush and apply Reinvent Insulator and blow-dry as desired

  • The Luxury Smooth treatment can be topped up every 3-4 months and the Express Smooth treatment every 30 days

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