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Hair Removal

Bloom is one of very few salons offering electrolysis in Milton Keynes.

As a specialist treatment, it is the only method of hair removal that is approved as truly permanent by medical professionals and has been in use since 1875.

What is Electrolysis?

The technique of electrolysis involves painlessly inserting a probe into the hair follicle and passing a current through the probe to damage and destroy the germinative cells that produce a hair.

At Bloom, we use the Apilus Senior 3G machine, superior in its technology and renowned for its effectiveness and making treatment comfortable. Traditionally, the hair had to be treated at the anagen stage (when the hair is connected to the blood supply) but this is impossible to gauge. However, the Apilus Senior 3G machine allows treatment to be effective at any stage of the hair growth cycle with its advanced technology system. 

Electrolysis can be performed on most areas of the body however it is particularly recommended for treatment on the face and small areas of unwanted hair. It can be the preferred method of choice for anyone suffering from hormonal conditions that stimulate hair growth such as PCOS, where hair reduction and management is the long term goal. It can also be a solution to anyone who is transitioning and wants to remove hair permanently, this may include hair removal at the surgical site prior to gender reassignment. 

The first step in electrolysis treatment is a consultation. At this appointment we can assess the hair to be treated, check that you are suitable for treatment, discuss a treatment plan and answer all your questions. This also allows you to make an informed decision about if electrolysis is right for you. If you’re happy to proceed we can then go ahead and schedule your first appointment.

* (required a minimum of 24hrs prior to treatment)

Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. Does it hurt?
    The Apilus Senior 3G machine works quickly and efficiently to make treatment more comfortable than other technologies available. You may feel a warming sensation but the individual action of insertion and application of current occurs in split seconds meaning that if any discomfort is felt the pain response is often not quick enough to respond. 

  2. How long does treatment take?
    This depends on the area being treated and how many hairs need to be removed. Treatments are booked in 15 minute blocks and a treatment plan will be discussed during your consultation.

  3. How many treatments will I need?
    This can be difficult to judge and will depend on a variety of factors such as why the hair growth is there, if there any underlying hormonal issues and how the hair follicles respond to treatment. Some people may find that they only need a few treatments to clear a small area whilst others will find that their treatment is ongoing for the management of hair growth.

  4. How long does the hair have to be?
    The hair needs to be long enough to grip with tweezers so that during the treatment the electrologist can slide the hair out of the follicle. If the hair is below the surface of the skin it will be impossible to remove. We advise not to shave or trim the hair up to a week prior to treatment, depending on how fast the hair grows. 

  5. Can I use other methods of hair removal between treatments.
    The only methods of hair removal that can be used between treatments is shaving or trimming. 

  6. How should I treat the area after treatment?
    We advise to use Aloe Vera gel to soothe and hydrate the skin after treatment. Avoid any heat, make up and perfumed products in the area for 24 hours. 

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