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Welcome to Bloom Laser Hair Removal
in Milton Keynes.

We're here to help you on your journey to hair free skin with permanent hair reduction solutions

Would you like to...

  • Ditch the razors and give up waxing?

  • Wear what you want without the need to shave or wax?​

  • Get back time for yourself without lost hours spent waxing or shaving?

  • Have smoother, hair free skin all year round?

We can help you!

Salon owners Faye & Estelle in beauty treatment room

Why choose us?


We use the latest medical grade SmartDiode laser with triple wavelength technology


Our treatments are suitable for all skin types from fair to dark


Treatment is fast, effective and virtually pain free


You could be up to 95% hair free


We pride ourselves on our level of education so you can be sure we'll always be trained to the highest standard and embarking on courses to keep our skills up to date. 


Laser Hair






Electrolysis Permanent

Hair Removal





What is Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a long term, cost effective route to permanent hair reduction.


Our FDA approved, class 4, medical grade laser uses selected wavelengths of low energy light on the skin to gently heat the hair follicles, causing terminal damage to prevent the regrowth of hair. We use a SMARTDiode laser which is safe and highly effective for permanent hair reduction, making us the best choice for laser hair removal in Milton Keynes.


Up to 95% permanent hair reduction can be achieved.


As treatment progresses, hair will grow back finer and softer until permanent hair reduction is achieved. This makes it a great solution for people living with PCOS where any amount of hair reduction is desirable. Laser hair removal can be used to treat most areas of the body and is a great alternative to waxing, shaving, depilatory creams and epilators. Laser will help rid you of shaving rashes and ingrown hairs.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  1. No more shaving. Reduces hair growth by up to 95%. Hair that grows back will be finer and softer.

  2. Saves time and money. Laser hair removal is an investment but it will save you money over the course of your lifetime. You may never have to wax again.

  3. No ingrown hairs. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs because once they are treated they are not there to cause you any more trouble.



Prices of laser hair removal vary depending on the area to be treated. A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended and will save you money. Check out our courses and multi treatment area packages.

Consultation & Patch Test

Every treatment begins with a

1:1 consultation to determine

the best treatment plan for you.

You can book your

Consultation using our

online booking system.

Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. How long does treatment take?
    Treatment is quick and effective but will depend on which areas are being treated. A treatment can be as quick as a few minutes for small areas. Multiple treatments will be required to achieve long term results.

  2. Does is hurt?
    No. Laser hair removal is gentle. You may experience a slight warming sensation on the skin but the cooling applicator allows for complete comfort in even the most sensitive areas.

  3. What happens after treatment?
    The hairs will remain in the follicles but treated hairs will gradually shed over 1 - 3 weeks.

  4. Who is laser hair removal suitable for?
    All skin tones are suitable with our laser The SMARTDiode technology is successful in treating fair to dark skins in both males and females. As the laser detects the pigment in the hair, fair hair is more difficult to treat as it contains less melanin (pigment). Grey/white hair contains no pigment so in not suitable for laser treatment, however our ELECTROLYSIS treatment may be an alternative solution.

  5. How many treatments will I need?
    We recommend a minimum of 6 treatments however, some hair types may require more for optimum results. It is essential to complete all treatment sessions.

  6. How old do I need to be to have laser hair removal?
    We only treat persons 18 or over. Treatment below this age can be ineffective due to hormonal changes.

  7. Can I use any form of hair removal between treatments?
    The only form of hair removal you can use is shaving. Other forms of hair removal will make treatments ineffective.

  8. Can I start my laser treatment on the same day as my consultation?
    You will need to wait 48 hours after your consultation before starting treatment. During your consultation we will patch test the area to be treated and must wait 48 hours to ensure full treatment is suitable.

  9. I've had laser hair removal before, do I still need a consultation?
    Yes. Our commitment to your safety means that we undertake a patch test with every new client, regardless of previous treatment.

  10. Can I bring someone with me?
    We understand that consultations and treatment can be nerve wracking if it's new to you and therefore you can bring someone along to support you for your consultation. However, they will need to leave the room during the patch test and are not permitted to attend treatments as the laser equipment can cause damage to unprotected eyes. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted at any time.

  11. Are consultations free?
    A consultation for laser hair removal is completely free (with exception of the online booking fee). We only charge £25 for the patch test. Therefore if we deem you're not suitable for treatment during the consultation, we won't charge you as the patch test won't be performed. If you fail to attend your consultation appointment, or fail to cancel/reschedule with less than 24 hours' notice the £25 fee will be charged.

  12. Is laser hair removal safe?
    The SMARTDiode laser is endorsed by leading medical experts. It is FDA approved and is a safe and effective treatment for permanent hair reduction.

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