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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Good Morning.

How are you feeling as we enter week 6 of isolation? It's difficult to imagine life returning to normal as quickly as it descended into lockdown and it's very likely that the 'normal' may be reinvented into something a bit different and less physically connected. It's easy to forget the habits we formed before all of this, but one thing that we will never forget is the ethos of Bloom Beauty, Hair & Education.

Many of you will have been clients of ours for years and watched as our separate businesses found a way to come together and 'bloom' into the business that we are today. But for others of you that may have only discovered us more recently you may be slightly more unfamiliar with the journey we took to get to where we are.

However, no matter where we came from (we can tell you about that another time) the goals and the dreams were the same and that is how our ethos 'Luxury as Standard' came to be. But what does this mean?

Luxury as Standard is our promise to you to offer the best services that we can, sourcing quality products that deliver real results. It means a commitment from us to keep learning and growing so that we can deliver exceptional service in a way that is inclusive. We aim to treat all your senses whilst you are with us, from the scents of aromatherapy, to the sounds of relaxation, to the taste of fresh, cool water or rich coffee, to the touch of soothing massage and to the sight of inviting surroundings. Our goal is that you are wowed by your salon experience and the surprise little touches are something that you can all come to expect.

Whilst we cannot invite you to experience all of this right now, we can still treat you to a glimpse of what we offer via communications, online consultations, social media interaction and doorstep deliveries. We can still help to ease your hair or beauty concerns and whilst the advice we offer at this time may be less conventional than when salon life existed we will address your needs with the same professionalism, care and ethos as we would do at all other times.

If you have any hair or beauty questions, especially but not restricted to, surviving isolation then please contact us by any of the following methods:

message us on FACEBOOK or message us on INSTAGRAM

Finally, please know that we miss you all very much and hope that you are staying home, staying safe and staying well.


Faye & Estelle x

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